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With a combined experienced of more than 50 years, the masters and their respective teams have participated in national & international lion dance competitions, and has been ranked within the top 10 in Malaysia.

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Aì Le Fleúr

Beauty Products Industry Berjaya Times Square, Lot 04-30, Level 4, Jalan Imbi - Bukit Bintang. 011-1439 1099 Facebook Page: []Two yellow lions were prancing triumphantly in one of the popular shopping malls in KL for our client’s...

If Only Restaurant

Food and Beverage Industry 1 Jalan U-Thant, Taman U-Thant, K Lumpur 03-2181 2882 Facebook Page: []Lion dance performed on the client’s official opening in September 2019. Open for breakfast & lunch, this restaurant offers local...

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新的一年即将来临,知道大家都急着想拿假期着手计划着回乡过年的准备吧!所以鲍一凡老师特地为大家算出了2020庚子年的开工吉日供大家参考,然大家能预先做好回乡与开工的准备。 开工的日子,可以说是为新一年的工作顺利与否奠下了基石。尤其你是身为老板的,挑个吉日吉时开工,与一整年的发展运势是息息相关的!而打工一族呢,有助你在好的日子里,展开新一年的工作起点,就能在新的一年里做事顺顺利利,一路旺到底。 Auspicious start-work schedule for 2020.The lunar new year is coming,...

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Our teams of lion dance performers are qualified professionals who have been in this lion dance business for quite a while and is renowned for their high standards performance, combining art, acrobatic and Kungfu moves.

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