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Lion Dance Performance For Gala Event

Lion Dance at a Gala Event: A Magnificent Celebration

The lion dance is a customary dance belonging to the Chinese culture and it is said to be accomplished on auspicious occasions and festivities such as Chinese New Year, annual dinners, gala events, auspicious ceremonies, business events, achievements, weddings and store/shop openings. It is believed that lion dance is inclined towards wiping away all the negative energy and evil spirits and brings upon understanding, positivity, liveliness, good luck and fortune.


Hosting a Lion Dance

The lion dance performance can be hosted at a gala event on the center stage to bring in the liveliness and positive vibes to the environment. The purpose behind this dance performance is to shower fortune and prosperity upon the celebrations. All the industry celebrations being hosted especially by MLM companies, banking, and financial institutions and organizations etc. emphasize having a lion dance performance in their event for success and prosperity. It is believed that lion dance brings good luck and adds charm to the event.


Perks of Having a Lion Dance Performance

If one wants to get blessed with good fortune and wealth, then it is necessary to witness a lion dance as it showers positivity, blessings, and joy upon the audience. According to Chinese culture practice, having a lion dance performance to kick start the annual event is a part of their traditional ritual. It is said to believe that absence of a lion dance on an auspicious event may bring bad luck, negative energy, and is considered to be a bad omen.


Showering Liveliness and Joy

Hosting a lion dance performance at a gala event fills up the environment with good spirit, cheers, and positivity. For making the event a memorable one, a photo session with the lion dance performance can be done. The lion dance performance is a complete entertainer for the audience. It can bring out the feel of sophistication along with the liveliness in the environment.



The shopping list consists of pomelos, pineapples, mandarin oranges, sugar cane shoots, wine, beer, bananas, and especially the Chinese lettuce/salad. Before hosting a lion dance performance, one needs to fix an auspicious date for the gala event. The permission regarding the performance must be taken from the management and building authorities for proceeding with the further arrangements. Therefore, one can always relax and enjoy the lion dance performance along with the guests in peacefulness.

The next step is to invite all the guests including VIPs to grace the red carpet at the event. For making the event a memorable one, one needs to hire professional photographers and videographers to capture the moments of the events. These are additional services and can be arranged as it entirely depends on the discretion of the organizer.



The lion dance plays a pivotal role in the Chinese culture and it is a traditional ritual to attend a lion dance performance before starting with something auspicious. The lion dance is a symbol of power, wisdom, and superiority. It brings good luck, positive vibes, and fortune. All necessary details should be forwarded through an email to including complete information regarding the date, time, venue, guest list, arrangements, theme, and budget of the performance. For making your gala event a big success, it is important to collaborate with the best performers and organizers who have a sound knowledge regarding the traditional lion dance performance.


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