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Lion Dance Performance For Launch Event

Lion Dance at a Launch Event: Blessing with the Success

Lion Dance is a traditional dance form initially belonging to the Chinese Culture and Asian countries which portrays the performers mimicking the movements of a lion in a lion costume. This traditional dance custom is meant to bring prosperity, success, good health, wealth, fortune and good luck. It generally takes place during Chinese New Year, festivals, corporate events, special achievements, auspicious ceremonies, and special events etc.


Presence of the Lion Dance

This dance form is performed to bring good luck, positive vibes, and fortune. It drives away all the evil forces and negative vibes. Lion dance, when organized by any industries, is said to shower complete success upon the newly launched products and services.

It is believed that when the performers of the lion dance visit the auspicious event, their presence will bring good fortune for the newly-launched product or service. The lion dance performance is either conducted on the stage to commence an event or welcome a VIP or guests of honor.


Significance of the Lion Dance

In Chinese mythology, lions play a pivotal role. They bring prosperity, success, good health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. According to the traditions, before starting with something new or hosting a launch event, it is necessary to have a lion dance performance to drive out all the negativity and usher in the positivity, fortune, and success to the new launch event.


A Happy and Joyful Ambiance

Hosting a lion dance in a launch event brings good publicity, attracts attention and gets fame to the occasion. It attracts a large number of crowd and fuels up the environment with positivity and good vibes. It drives away all the gloominess from the event and fills the atmosphere with good spirits and joy. It is the best performance for overall entertainment, keeping away the evil spirits at bay and making the launch event a big success. For capturing the moments from the launch event, one can even organize photo sessions with the lion dance.


Dance Preparations

For throwing a lion dance performance at the launch event, it is necessary to bring on-board the professionals who have got pivotal expertise and experience in lion dance performance and make all the necessary arrangements such as stage set-up, decorations, traditional costumes etc. For making the launch event a big hit, it is essential to explore the best for your event. There are a number of packages with different auspicious themes, budgets and titles for selection.



Before hosting a lion dance performance for the launch event, it is necessary to pick an auspicious date for the launch event as lion dance, being performed on an inauspicious date may attract negative energy and might bring misfortune to the new launching. The shopping list for the event consists of pineapple, mandarin oranges, Chinese salad/lettuce, pomelos, bananas, beer, sugar cane shoots, among others.

All the necessary permissions for the lion dance must be taken from the building management and invitations must be sent to the guests including VIPs to give their valuable presence at the event and grace the red carpet. All the necessary details regarding the lion dance performance must be notified to the organizers and all the necessary arrangements must be made in advance such as hiring a professional photographer and videographer. Therefore one can just sit back and relax and enjoy the lion dance performance to its fullest along with the invited guests.



The lion dance stands for power, prosperity, superiority, wisdom and chases away the negative vibes, evil forces thereby bringing good fate, fortune, prosperity and ultimate success for the new launching. For hosting a lion dance performance at a launch event, an email can be drafted to including the necessary details such as an occasion, date, time, venue, and budget for the performance.


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