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Lion Dance Performance For Corporate Event

Lion Dance at Corporate Event: Arrival of Fortune

Lion Dance is a traditional dance form that originated from Chinese culture and Asian countries which showcases a portrayal of performers mimicking the movements of a lion in a lion costume. This traditional dance form is said to bring fortune and good luck. It is generally performed on Chinese New Year, festivals, corporate events, special achievements, auspicious ceremonies, and special events.


Presence of the Lion Dance

This dance form is performed to bring fortune and good luck, it drives away all the evil spirits and negative energy. The lion dance is said to bring prosperity, wealth and success to the corporate business. It is believed that when the performers of the lion dance visit the business workplace, it will bring good fortune for the business. It can be performed at the corporate event hosted by the business organization.


Absence of the Lion Dance

In Chinese mythology, lions play a pivotal role. They represent happiness, prosperity, and joy. Absence of a lion dance may lead to a subsequent loss in business, bad luck, misfortune and lack of prosperity in the corporate entity. Therefore, according to the traditions, before starting with something new or hosting a special event, it is necessary to have a lion dance performance to wipe out all the negativity and bring back positivity and fortune.


A Happy and Joyful Ambiance

Hosting a lion dance in a corporate event fuels up the environment with positivity and good vibes. It drives away all the gloominess from the event and fills the atmosphere with good spirits and joy. The lion dance performance is a crowd-puller and attracts attention and creates photo moments, i.e. crowd gets closer to lions and click pictures along with them. It is the ultimate performance for entertaining people, keeping away the evil spirits at bay and filtering the place spiritually.


The Positive Impact

The lion dance performance throws a positive impact on the business owners and its employees, thereby improving the professional relationship and coordination between them. This traditional dance form is considered to be very lucky for the company and its workers. This dance form is said to bring peace & tranquility to the office environment. It also helps the employees to achieve the goals and targets of the organization.



Before hosting a lion dance performance for the corporate event, it is quintessential to pick an auspicious date for the event as lion dance, being performed on an inauspicious date may attract negative energy and evil spirits. The shopping list for the event may include pineapple, salad/lettuce, pomelos, bananas, mandarin oranges, sugar cane shoots and beer, among others.

All the necessary permissions for the dance must be taken from the building management of the company, if applicable, and the details regarding the lion dance performance must be notified to all the management and staffs of the company Additional services, such as photography or videography can be arranged by choice.



The lion dance symbolizes superiority, wisdom, and chases away the negative vibes, thereby bring good fate and fortune for the business organization. If one wants to host a lion dance performance at a corporate event, then an mail can be drafted to including the necessary details such as occasion, date, time, venue, and budget for the performance.


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