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Lion Dance Performance For House Blessing

Lion Dance at House Blessing: Showering Prosperity

The lion dance is a traditional dance originating from the Chinese culture and it is a traditional ritual which is said to be performed on auspicious occasions and festivities such as Chinese New Year, annual dinners, gala events, auspicious ceremonies, business events, achievements, weddings and store or shop openings. It is believed that the lion dance tends to drive away all the negative energy and evil spirits and brings upon prosperity, wisdom, positivity, liveliness, good luck and fortune.


Hosting a Lion Dance

The lion dance performance can be hosted at a house blessing ceremony. It blesses the house especially for house warming, newly renovated, or newlyweds moving into a new house. It is necessary for the lions to ‘visit’ every room (living hall/kitchen/bedrooms etc.) to bring blessings and rid bad omen (with its prancing moves). Whenever a new house is ready for occupancy, the emphasis is laid on having a lion dance performance in their event for peace, happiness and prosperity for the years ahead. It is believed that the lion dance showers good luck and wealth upon the house residents.


Pros of having a Lion Dance Performance

If one wants to be blessed with prosperity, good health, fortune and wealth, then it is necessary to organize a lion dance performance as it showers positivity, blessings, and peace upon the housemates. According to Chinese cultural practice, having a lion dance performance at your new home is a part of the traditional ritual to bring good vibes to your home and drive away all the evil forces and bad omens. Therefore, it is necessary to have a lion dance performance at your house blessing ceremony because in the absence of a lion dance on such an auspicious ceremony may bring bad luck, negative energy and is also considered as a bad omen.


Blessings with Liveliness and Joy

Hosting a lion dance performance at your house may fill up the environment with warm vibes, good spirits, cheers, and positivity. For capturing the memorable memories, photo sessions with the lion dance performance is a must. The lion dance performance is a complete entertainment for the guests, it usher liveliness in the ambiance and showers good fortune upon the family, its relatives and friends.


Showering Good Fortune

Having a lion dance performance is said to shower good fortune upon the family members residing in the house. The room-to-room visitation of lions brings good energy for its family members, as well as, wealth, prosperity and success for the occupants. It creates a close bond, peace, love, and togetherness between the family members. It also blesses the children with great achievements in study and increases the birth rate in the family, especially for the newly weds.



The shopping list includes pomelos, pineapples, mandarin oranges, sugar cane shoots, wine, beer, bananas, Chinese salad/lettuce and the stellar accessories to decorate a new home. Before hosting a lion dance performance, one needs to fix an auspicious date for the house blessing ceremony as it is said that throwing the ceremony on an inauspicious date may bring negativity to your home. The next step is to invite all the guests and relatives to grace the house blessing ceremony. One can, therefore sit and relax and enjoy the lion dance performance to its fullest.



The lion dance plays a pivotal role in Chinese culture and it is a traditional ritual to have a lion dance performance at your house blessing ceremony. Lion dance symbolizes power, wisdom, and superiority. It brings good luck, positive vibes, and fortune to a new home and the members residing in it. All necessary details should be forwarded through an email to including complete information regarding the date, time, address of your home, guest list, arrangements, decorations, theme, and budget for the performance.


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