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Lion Dance Performance For Wedding Ceremony

Lion Dance at Wedding: A blessing in need

Lion dances are held on significant events, such as Chinese New Year, grand openings of businesses, and weddings. The lion dance is a way to bring blessings to the marriage. Lion depicts wisdom and good luck and is meant to hunt evil spirits.


Performance of the Lion Dance

It is usually performed during the reception in hotels or at the homes of the bride/groom too. This dance can be performed at the time of the family receiving the bride or groom and the respective families welcoming the bride to their house. This dance is considered to usher good fortune when performed at the tea ceremony. The lion dance is said to bring happiness and prosperity for the family and love and success in marriage and relationships. The lion dance is an important Chinese ritual to start with something auspicious.


Benefits of Lion Dance During The Event

The Lion is a symbol that signifies both fortune and prosperity. The dance is conducted to shower blessings not only on the newlywed couples but also for their respective families, friends and the guests who are present. It is believed that the dance hunts away evil spirits who desire to put an end to prosperity and happiness.


Creation of a Good Ambiance

Lion dances create a good ambiance by entertaining guests and make the wedding an unforgettable event for them. Everyone is delighted and enthusiastic to have a photo session with the lions while in performance. During the conclusion of the dance, the lions often present a pair of red scrolls that comprises catchy and auspicious message, such as 1000 Years of Happiness & Growing old together.


Preparations for The Lion Dance Performance

First of all, it is very important to pick an auspicious date for the lion dance. The lion dance usually requires some offering items and one has to purchase these items, such as Pomelo, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, and Chinese salad/lettuce, well in advance. Other items, such as ang pau packets and red strings/ribbons for guests should be prepared beforehand. The salad/lettuce is knotted at the edge of a pole and hanging from a high place eg. ceiling, so one requires red ribbons/strings and the Lion has to jump to obtain the salad. Ang pau packets are meant for guests to put money in it if they wish for the lions to come to them for good luck & blessings.

It is very important to hire the best professional performers who have got vital expertise and experience in the lion dance performance. There are a variety of packages with different auspicious themes, budgets and title for selection.

One should inform the location management on the date of performance to seek approval. The organisers of the lion dance company would remind the clients on the items to prepare when it’s closer to the performance date.

Professional photographers/videographers are best hired to capture the memorable moments of the lion dance performance. For this, all arrangements should be made well in advance.



There is a need to conduct thorough research before engaging any troupe. One has to decide on the number of lions to perform and the length of the performance. If one is interested in hiring a team for wedding lion dance, then places write to .


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