For Grand Opening Ceremony

Lion Dance For Grand Opening Ceremony

Lion Dance at a Grand Opening Ceremony: Seeking Prosperity

Lion Dance is a customary dance form that originated from the Chinese Culture and Asian countries. In this dance form, the performers mimic the movements of a lion in a lion costume. This dance form is believed to bring blessings, prosperity, good health, wealth, fortune and good luck. It is generally accomplished on Chinese New Year, festivals, corporate events, special achievements, auspicious ceremonies, grand opening ceremonies such as new business, newly moved-in or renovated premises and new signages installation/reveal.


Presence of the Lion Dance

This dance form is performed to bring good luck, positive vibes, and fortune. It drives away all the evil forces and negative vibes. Lion dance can be performed at any grand opening ceremonies organized by any type of industries especially for IT, telecommunications, electronics, construction, textiles, and automobiles, etc., to seek sheer success upon the new opening or venture.

It is believed that when the performers of the lion dance are at the opening ceremony, their presence will bring success, prosperity and good fortune for the organizer and its event. It can be performed at venues like hotels, restaurants, shophouses, halls, high rise buildings or complexes and malls, on the central stage of the opening ceremony hosted by the parent company or organization who is going to reveal the opening of their project or a venture.


Significance of a Lion Dance

In Chinese mythology, lions play a pivotal role and are considered as a traditional ritual for all things good. It is believed to bring prosperity, success, good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and joy. Loud noise by the accompaniment of the gong and cymbals, and the prancing of the lions chase away evil spirits and bring good fortune. As per the traditions, before starting with something auspicious such as hosting a grand opening ceremony, it is quintessential to have a lion dance performance to shower positivity, fortune, and success to the new opening and rid the evil forces and negative energy.


A Happy and Joyful Ambiance

Hosting a lion dance at the opening ceremony enhances the publicity and brings much-needed fame to the new opening. It attracts attention by pulling a large number of the crowd towards the ceremony and fills the environment with sheer joy, positivity, and good vibes. The crowd gets nearer to the lions to touch them for good luck and have photo moments with them. It is an all-time favorite performance when it comes to entertaining people. It keeps the evil spirits and negative vibes at bay and helps in making the opening ceremony a huge success. For sealing the memories from the opening ceremony, one should organize a group photo session with the lions and the management team and its VIPs.



To have a successful lion dance performance at the opening ceremony, it is important to hire the best professional performers who are expert and experienced, which are involved in rigorous training for the troupe. Necessary arrangements such as stage set-up, decorations, traditional costumes, etc. should also be made. Before organizing a lion dance performance at the opening ceremony, it is necessary to select an auspicious date for the special event as lion dance, being performed on an inauspicious date may attract negative vibes, evil forces and may cause misfortune to the new opening. The shopping list for the event includes pineapple, salad, pomelos, bananas, coconuts, beer, sugar cane shoots, mandarin oranges, among others.

All the important approvals must be taken from the building management and invitations must be sent prior to the event to the guests including VIPs to give their valuable presence at the event and grace the red carpet. All the details about the lion dance performance should be conveyed to the troupe and other arrangements must be made before the event such as hiring a good photographer and videographer to cover the performance.



The lion dance is a symbol of power, prosperity, superiority, wisdom and chases away the negative vibes, evil forces thereby bringing good fate, fortune, prosperity and ultimate success for the grand opening. For organizing a lion dance performance at the grand opening ceremony, an email can be drafted to consisting of all the necessary details such as occasion, date, time, venue, and budget for the performance.


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